Mollie Sue

This chick is gorgeous.
She was on ANTM years ago,
and is still today, my fave contest ever.
I randomly came across this photo the other day.


  1. hey bb. FOUND YOU. ps. have you watched ANTM all-stars? I thought I'd be into it, but so far it's been nothing but a complete cheesy ride, garbage!

  2. HEY! Haha how did you find me?
    And yeah, I watched the first episode,
    but it was way too overdone and lame so I'm not watching the rest.
    Also, I hate every girl they brought back except the blonde, doe-eyed girl.
    Way to ruin my love for a show, Tyra.

  3. Yea..there's really not much we can do with the rest of them has-beens, fame can fade pretty fast.
    Anyways, you should peruse through Scotch & Soda, some fab stuff..I only wish I could drain my wallet on it all.


  4. Oooh yeah they have really nice stuff!
    They have a couple store in Toronto, but yeah it can be pretty expensive :(