So I finally got an iPhone the other week. 
Which means I can now join in on Instagram,
which I'm already obsessed with...


3.1 Phillip Lim / Rick Owens / Alexander Wang
These three designers are definitely in my top 5 fave designers.
Lim was adventurous in colour and shape, but of course, i liked the monochromatic looks.
Rick Owens provided a silhouette that wasn't typical of Rick, but I still loved it.
Definitely going to need a pair of Rick Owens short-shorts for next summer!
Wang's main line was really great, this sporty leather look would suit me quite well
I haven't been into checking every single show this season as I have in past,
but I am excited still for Damir Doma's show on Saturday, and then Robert Geller's in NYC.
My top 5 would then be completed


Doma + Geller

Some may call it reckless spending, I like to think of it as taking advantage of a good deal. I just bought this Robert Geller two-toned long sleeve and this speckled Damir Doma tank off of Ssense.com and I'm super excited for them to come in the mail! 


3.1 Tank

I love the dip in the back of this 3.1 Phillip Lim tank, which is exactly why I'm super excited for it to come in the mail because I just bought this bad boy. Jackets and tank tops are my vices.



I bought this sweater on Friday from Holt Renfrew, and I love it! Alexander Wang is so good, and this merino wool sweater is so cozy and perfect. The square neck is interesting, and the the ribbed knit in different directions is wicked too. Another thing that made this bad boy perfect was the grrrrreat sale I got it for, as well as the fact that it fits me perfectly!!
This blog has basically just been a place to let the internet know about my designer purchases... perhaps I will post a big post of all my designer items one day. I'm loving the collection I have so far, and I hope it is ever-expanding!


3.1 2.0

Soo.... I bought ANOTHER 3.1 Phillip Lim Jacket, and again, I cannot find a photo of my actual jacket, but I found a photo of the beige version. Mine is black (of course) and has a bunch of speckled white lint, which, after looking closely at the beige version, I don't think the white lint is supposed to be there, but it does kinda look cool, and that's how they had it at the Bay, soo... I don't really know what to think. Either way, again, I got this bad boy for a good deal - half off! So basically, within a month, I've purchased two Phillip Lim Jackets for the price of LESS THAN ONE OF THEM!
I'm the sales king.
Seacrest, out!



So the other day, I was just browsin some sales, and came across an amazing 3.1 Phillip Lim Jacket from Spring 2012 that I had seen almost a year ago. The only difference this time was that the price tag was EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS LESS than the first time I saw it! So obviously I had to snag it. I searched and searched for a photo of my actual jacket, but all I could find was this one. So I bought this jacket, but mine is black, except since it is made of silk, it has a little sheen to it, and in certain lights it almost looks like a super dark navy blue-greeny. Needless to say, I'm in love with it. And I love The Bay in Toronto - especially when they have awesome sales! Because last winter, I bought a Rick Owens DRKSDHW long sleeve and a Robert Geller Seconds tee from there for both super cheap!
Now I've just got to wait until all the snow melts and it is warm enough to wear this bad boy!



Below are pictures from Alexander Wang's Spring 2013 collection, and from Dion Lee's Fall 2012 collection... 
I found that there were a couple similarities in Wang's collection to Lee's collection which was shown 
one season before.The intertwined strap detailing on Wang's top and Lee's dress look a bit similar,
 but what really solidified this for me was the two dresses compared below.
Both have the seemingly invisible slits where only upon a close up can you actually see
the "invisible" threads holding together the two pieces. And the slits are in the same spot on both the dresses!
I loved Alexander Wang's collection, but I also really like Dion Lee, so I'm curious to know 
whether or not this was just a complete coincidence, or if Wang had any knowledge of Dion Lee's Fall collection.


To Hold My Moneys

So I'm still in Korea for just another 11 days!
My time here has been a lot of fun.
I had a crazy weekend of staying up way too late,
so my sleeping schedule is completely fucked.
So at 5 in the morning, instead of sleeping like a normal person,
last night, I was searching the web for a new wallet
because my little fabric coin purse now has a hole in it.

So check out what will be waiting for me in Toronto when I return:
I love it.
I would have loved the slightly smaller, black shark leather one perhaps more,
but they were sold out of it, and this was on an incredible sale, 
so I knew the shark leather one would not be returning to Ssense.