Givenchy Again

I have come to realize that I only like Givenchy on the red carpet.
Cate Blanchett wore this unique couture dress to the Oscars this evening,
and looked ravishing. Apart from her, no other dresses really stood out.
She was hands down my number one pick for best dressed!
And I'm pretty sure all of my red carpet posts have had Givenchy...


  1. why do you only like givenchy on the red carpet? you didnt like the presentation of the show? i thought ricardo sent a very good message having an all asian cast.

    but agreed this was one of my favourites. cate has a sense of grace and elegance in the way she carries herself.

    mila kunis looked fantastic as well. that dressed moved well on tv.

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  2. Haha, sorry I guess I worded that awkwardly. I didn't mean that Givenchy is only great on the red carpet, I meant to say that on the red carpet, Givenchy is greater than all other gowns. Tisci's presentations are beautiful, and he always has a diverse group of models.

    And Mila Kunis looked beautiful, I just didn't like the dress as much... it was alright, but a little too safe (minus the major cleavage)