They're here! The Vancouver 2010 Olympics have started and the city is busier than ever. Although the amount of money spent to host the games is gastronomical, I still love the Olympics. It is one of the few times that countries can come together peacefully, to compete in sport. So far Canada has only one medal, a silver in Women's Freestyle Skiing, won by Jennifer Heil. Hopefully this will be the year that Canada will finally win a gold medal while hosting the Olympics, which they have failed to do in Montreal and Calgary when the games were held there.
In sadder news, and probably the most talked about event in the Olympics so far, the tragic death of Georgian luge athlete, Nodar Kumaritashvili. He died in his final training session before the games had officially begun. I can't imagine how terrible that would be to pass the day before the most important event in your life. My thoughts go to his family, friends, teammates and country.
For live updates on the winter games, go to Vancouver 2010.

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