Isola di Capri - the most beautiful place in the world

The most beautiful place in the world... or at least the most beautiful place I've been to. Not only does the island have gorgeous views, beautiful villas, and amazing history, the island is now home to many well known stores as well as some local jewelers. Roman Emporer, Tiberius, owned a villa on the island - dream island, really. From Grace Kelly, to writer, Graham Greene, Mariah Carey to Liz Taylor celebrities through the decades have enjoyed Capri, which has assumed the title of "society island". It would only make sense to have stores nowadays such as Lous Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, and Ferré side the small streets of Capri. There is no shortage of 5 star hotels on this beautiful island. The dangerously entrancing island will have you wishing to go back as soon as you leave, but throw caution to the wind, I highly recommend visiting this amazing island, and experiencing yourself, the magestic Capri.

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