More Spring 2013 Highlights

So I've been super busy, and have had absolutely no time to look through shows,
but I have just arrived in Korea for two months to model here, so I will probably have lots
of down time at the model apartment to get back to posting more regularly!
But back to the shows... here are some of my faves from Milan and Paris
I'll check the rest later!
Givenchy / 3.1 Phillip Lim / Mugler

Riccardo Tisci is God,
I don't even know what else to say about the Givenchy collection,
except that I am in love with it. The saint motifs were really well done.
I especially loved the layering with the constant print throughout the layers.
Phillip Lim was also pretty good this season.
It is no secret that I don't love too much colour for menswear,
and most of the collection was pretty light, but I loved all the details.
This particular look features a jacket that I MUST HAVE.
 Mugler was again, awesomley futuristic.
I loved all the cutout shirts, and those shorts may be a bit riskaaay for the real world
but they look pretty sweet with the whole theme of the show.

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