All I Want for Christmas

For Christmas, I want Santa to bring me this Iridium watch because it is so
simple and nice, a Blackberry curve because I lost mine and I am dying without
it, a Robert Geller tee because he's my fave and this looks comfy, Theophilus
London's Timez Are Weird These Days because his music is the best, an Ugo
Cacciatori ring because it is beautiful, a subscription to Dazed and Confused
magazine because the editorials I've seen are crazy good, a pair of pony hair
Dr. Martens because I need black boots and I thought I'd try something different,
and then Santa should also hit up The Evolution Store to get me an
interesting bug in a frame and that skull bracelet carved out of water buffalo
bones. Seriously, that store is the most interesting thing I've come across in awhile.
I spent probably two and a half hours browsing. So yeah... that's what I want
for Christmas. I feel like it's not too much to ask for, right?
I tried to be realistic price-wise, at least!

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