It's Been Too Long

Wow! So I am back in Toronto, living in my awesome house with my awesome roommates, Mary Anne and Emma... and our dog and fish: Holly and Gustav. It was a long week of building Ikea furniture, buying house things and making my own meals, but as of yesterday there will be no time for lolly gagging because my second year at school has begun. We finally got internet installed today, so I'll be back to posting more regularly. This week is Frosh week, so last night we had a paint party where we just danced as people sprayed paint at us. It was so much fun. On Thursday, Lil Jon is performing at our school and then Friday night, the Cataracs are performing. In other exciting news, my brother got called up to the Chicago Blackhawks training camp, so he will be in Toronto this weekend for some exhibition games that I'll watch! So it's been a very exciting week for me!!
So here are some photos from my blackberry of the aftermath of the paint party, my room and my house:

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