I've mentioned before that I'm not huge on prints,
but there are exceptions to every rule.
I like printed accessories and shoes, and I love printed swim shorts.
There are even more exceptions though, like, I've seen some printed suits I love,
but in general, I don't wear much prints.
Its usually just plain shirts and sweaters and jeans.
So in conclusion, prints are good...


  1. wheres that bag from!?
    it's a must have!

  2. Ah I totally forget...
    I found it on some random blog.
    I should really start writing down where I get things...

  3. me too. im always in solids mainly black and white. but honestly you live once and you should wear more expressive things sometimes.

    christopher kane gorilla and galaxy shirts come to mind. givenchy does great treatments(star studs/rotweillers) on his shirt every season. and jil sander has been delving in prints as well. i mean if minimalist jil sander is doing prints then something is definitely in the waters...

    you can check my favorite print here: