I've been thinking about tattoos lately.
I really want one, but I've got no idea where or what I want.
Considering I'm looking for a job in the fashion industry in the future,
I don't think having a tattoo will affect my chances of getting a job
seeing as so many people have tattoos nowadays that it is hard to outcast the tattooed.
Anyways, here are some people in the fashion industry with major tattoos:

1. Nickelson Wooster - Men's fashion director of Neiman Marcus
2. Philip Crangi - Jewelry designer
3. Marc Jacobs - Designer, obviously
4. Jack McCollough - Co-designer of Proenza Schouler
5. I'm not sure who this is, but it is from Jak & Jil


  1. NO Stefano Pilati?!?

  2. i saw jack 2 weeks ago! they were cool.

  3. I could have included Pilati, but I figured I already had enough designers, and I was hoping to get more of the business side included such as Nickelson Wooster

  4. You Can NEVER Have Too Many Designers :P MAYBE I Just Can NEVER Get Enough Stefano LOL…