I love a good stud.
Whether it be a Givenchy sandal, a Burberry jacket, or Prada shirt and shoes.
Shit, any stud is good - for the most part.


  1. but dont you notice how burberry did the studding just last season but has been a big trend around 2-3 years ago?

    givenchy fell 07:

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  2. Prada's studded shirt and shoes were from fw 09
    and the Givenchy sandals were from ss 10

    Studs have been circuling in popularity almost every season

  3. true but i find it a bit odd that burberry is doing it just now. have you seen safety pins barfing on the balmain jackets? now thats a new take on hardware.

    although decarnin has been doing the same collection for a while now...

  4. Safety pins are interesting. I just googled balmain safety pins and i don't like it, it was just a messy top held together with pins. However, I like Prince Pelayo's safety pin shirts!

  5. and also, I don't think Burberry really follows trends, and it is hard to really follow trends anyways because these design houses are the trend setters. So I like that Christopher Bailey just does what he wants and is consistently bad ass with beautiful clothes

  6. i told you the pins were barfing on it. i think its an interesting concept that someone else can take and be more your taste. balmain has been doing this luxe trailer trash for a while now.

    well i think trends are subjective but there are definitely designers who march to their own beat when they design. i dont think its only designer houses who can be innovative and spark a trend. everyone can do that. be alexander wang's freja boots or prada turbans.

    hey can you review post on your program? you said you were in some fashion program in humber. i just wanted to know your opinion on it and who you would recommend it too. is it more business or art of fashion and things like that? are you considering going another program and stuff like that. Id really appreciate it!

  7. I'm only in first year at my program at Humber, which is a 4 year bachelor degree program. The first two years are not fashion related at all (unfortunately) but they are the basics of all business degrees. It isn't till the end of second and then third or fourth year where we have fashion related courses. So for now, it is definitely more business, but I'm not sure how 3rd and 4th year will be yet.
    This link will tell you more about it:

  8. oh wow. thanks so much for that information. really appreciate it.

    how are you liking the program so far? have you heard of career opportunities for graduates? going to school with getting a career in mind and not getting that in the end is the worst.

    is anyone volunteering for LG Fashion Week? I am.

  9. The program so far is alright. Most of the stuff is kinda boring haha, like economics and organizational behaviour and that. But I know that those courses are important, however boring they may be. And what keeps me going is knowing that third and fourth year are going to be so much fun! I think there is a list online on that link about career opportunities perhaps. I'm not entirely sure what they include myself... But between third and fourth year, there is a paid work term, and the school helps you with a placement. I really want to get a placement somewhere amazing, like in NY or further!
    And volunteering for LG fashion week would be cool, how did you get into that?

  10. a ny place would be great! i wanna go this year again.

    as for the LG fashion week, i applied through their site: http://lgfashionweek.ca/volunteer.aspx

    of course, you have to apply in advance before fashion week. i applied late february and fashion week is on the last week of march going through april.

    im surprised a fashion schools like humber doesn't talk and promote it to students. You should do it this fall. its great fantastic hands-on experience in the fashion industry and really a free ticket to seeing the best toronto has to offer.