My Closet

So my original idea for this post was to show you what I bought yesterday (the two vintage thigs),
but after I started taking pictures, I was having fun; so i took some more photos.
1. My closet (I only have 30 hangers, so I have a bunch folded too)
2. Vintage Military Jacket that I bought from Black Market on Queen St for just $10
3. Vintage Banana Republic Fisherman Vest, also from Black Market and also for just $10
4. Sitka tee: an awesome surfer brand from BC, I bought the shirt in Coombs, $40
5. H&M dark wash Drain jeans, $50
6. Fake leather jacket, I love it. $70, H&M
7. Yet another H&M item, striped long sleeve - $20
8. American Apparel tie dye tee, I bought it on sale for $15
I love my clothes, but I'm poor, so I have to scrounge for deals - I think I do quite well considering.

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  1. i have the leather jacket too! i bought it cuz its similar to the balenciaga one in texture.

    i do recommend visiting this blog: http://deadfleurette.blogspot.com/ who's super picky on what to buy. she's very minimalist and an anti-thesis to h&m fast fashion.

    with that saying follow my blog too. jerrlife.blogspot.com