Thierry Mugler is now reborn with Nicola Formichetti in charge.
They've shortened the name to just Mugler and provided a beautifully haunting men's show in Paris.
Now the photos I've chosen to include don't really show off the clothing,
but I took them from jak&jil and I love them, so I thought I'd further share them.
The video features the entirely tattooed Rick Genest whose full body skeleton tattoos
are kinda scary, but totally inspiring in the same sense.
I saw Genest in the magazine, Dressed to Kill earlier this week, so it is quite a coincidence to see him as Nicola's muse.
I've also coincidentally came across Genest while curiously googling "worst tattoos" haha. I'll agree, his tatts aren't for everyone, but it is quite amazing and after seeing him in beautiful, dark photography, I can see why he's the latest buzz.

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