Toronto at a Glance

So the other day, I was downtown Toronto,
and I came across this beautiful Diesel leather jacket
(sorry for shitty quality photo, this was the only I could find)
Anyways, the thing was $700, so I couldn't afford it...
It did fit perfectly though,
so instead I headed over to American Apparel and picked up
a hoodie and three pairs of underwear.

The day before that, I went to Canada's Wonderland and rode soo many rollercoasters!!!

On another note, I moved into my school residence yesterday!
This morning I spent $425 on books which totally sucks,
but apart from that, its been pretty sweet so far,
I have a nice little set up going on in my room,
I've met too many good people, but I'm stoked for the year to come.
It will be eventful in the least.

AND I haven't posted in forever, so I should mention that on Frid>y,
I met with Elite Model Management in Toronto,
and as soon as I hand in my contract forms, I WILL BE A SIGNED ELITE MODEL!!
I will keep you posted on my upcoming modeling career


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