Sweatpants Done Cool

I've always hated sweatpants, until recently when designers have started making harem-ish style pants. The first ones I've seen are pictured at the top and I love them. I believe they are by Corpus. The two pictured above and left are from the Bottega Veneta fall/winter 2010 collection and I want a pair so bad. I would be a bit hesitant to try them because I know they can be a tad ridiculous, but what they need is alot of confidence. I've seen alot of harem pants on the runways and in stores. They are an out-there look that I can't really see being trendy for too long, but I have seen them for two or three seasons now, so I might be wrong about the whole not being in trend for long, but I do hope that by the time I get a pair, they won't be too far gone. I'm rambling now, so this is gonna end here. PEACE

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